Sunday, February 7, 2010

The First Discovery

Welcome fellow members of the Scientific Community & Private Citizens with the curiosity for the Undiscovered.

Over the next few month's I will present some insight too the strange discovery of a whole new world of creatures this industrail age has produced, Or perhaps an amazing discovery of adaption. I have been collecting these "marvels" when I can get them and will do an a unvieling at the Gathering my Colleague Dr. Grymm has planned, the Experimental Steampunk symposium in July.

My Theory is a simple one. I believe that Fairies do indeed exist... but not as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle supposed. I do not believe they still have the form one see in childrens books. I believe they are amoungst us successfully hidden as say the Peppered Moth 's darker version is during this Industrial age, or maybe as disguise like a Hermet crab my use to blend in with its surrounding recycling others species cast off to blend in with it's surroundings...Perhaps a bit of both. I am still researching....I have booked passage on the air ship the Wayward Zypher, (Dare I say my very own H.M.S Beagle), too go and collect more secimens to support my Theory.

I will report as often as I can and hope not to run into any pirates.

Till my next entry, I remain your servant,

Noel G. Coonce-Ewing

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