Sunday, November 13, 2011

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From the very beginning I never trusted my Brother. He had everyone fooled but not me, because I slept in the same room and I saw what the other's didn't. That pudgy bundle of joy was pure evil.  I couldn't see why the adults didn't see that.  He even smelled foul, but his diapers always masked the smell, to them it was just another load of poo, but it's color was always black. Was that odd?

I first became suspicious when I was woken from my sleep and I heard whispering in the room. Not baby babble but honest to goodness grown up speak but there were no adults in the room. Only sweet Nana was in the nursery and she was snoring her sweet lungs out oblivious to the other sounds. 

At first I had the instinct not to look over to my brother; but for a baby; curiosity always wins out and I peeked around Teddy, my bear. I saw brother dear sitting up hunched forward as he talked to something. His voice was unnaturally low and the other voice unnaturally high. Their conversation paused for a moment as if they sensed me watching so I closed my eyes immediately and they resumed for awhile,and then said their goodbyes. I risked opening my eyes because I had to see what he was talking too. To my utter amazement I saw what the other party was. It was a Spider, a huge garden spider. The kind of spider that spun those beautiful webs on our porch and rose bushes. 

I watched it as it crawled out of my brothers crib and out into the darkness. I shivered, What had my Parents brought home?, and how was i going to let them know? I only spoke baby and ever since he came to live with us, I no longer existed........


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  1. odd but neat story. is this to go with the pic? where did you go? do you not post here anymore? do you have another blog that you post too now? seems kinda interesting. would love to see more. pic of your ancestor's down below in another post is awesome. I too like to collect old vintage photo's of stranger's. especially ones I save from yard sales and flea markets'. I think its so sad when a person's history ends up for sale at a yard sale. pics of course is waht I think is so sad to be lost in time. so I save them and use them in alot of my art work. I do alot of papercrafting, mixed media card making. I'm no one special. just someone who likes to get my hands dirty in alot of different mediums and craft techniques