Friday, November 4, 2011

In case you don't know me and maybe you are reading this for the first time..... (because I don't fool myself that I have followers on my blog and I am very skeptical I will have future readers...but I have to offer this disclaimer because In many ways I have no self confidence in this venture but I do have hope and curiosity.)
I am one hot mess.
I heard that description,  from a friend, and, yes, I am
But I am creative
a loving mother
A learning daughter
and a wife who wants to her husband to know that no matter what  ...well that's personal for him..I am sure you will understand.. I love him, because he accepts me for who I am and sometimes even husbands do not do that for the wives they love, or think they do...

Annnnny waaaay

I have random threads of thought.

so here it goes,  a thought I collect pictures of strangers, the slightly odd ones
and if I am really lucky
sometimes I will find a photo  remembering the dead.

So I will post a photo now and then with my thoughts... And I would love to hear your thoughts about it as well.,
Because that is how wonderful stories are made.!

But first  should Post some photos I have in my own family.

That one is of me and this handsome devil is my husband,

sometimes photos are out of focus a cloud of Mystery..

And this picture is real , these are some of my ancestors on my fathers side.  so every once in a while     I  might throw in a couple of relatives for spice.

so what do you think of this project ?,

I would love some feed back...

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